Jennie Orrah is the founder of Jennies Therapies & Yoga Yorkshire in Scarborough and has a vision to help people with ailments, afflictions, disorders and imbalances, with her range of Complimentary Therapies. Healing your mind body and soul, bringing you peace and relaxation.

Group Yoga classes or One to one yoga sessions are available for a more personal individual experience. I also offer Yoga Therapy for Acute and Chronic Back Pain, Acute and Chronic Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee pain, Arthritis, Heart Problems, Hypertension,Vertigo, Stress, Depression, Weightloss, Diabetes,

I also offer Wellness Weekends or retreats on request. If you are staying in holiday homes or holiday lodges within 30 minute drive from Scarborough, I can come to you.  A Non-refundable deposit is required.

I work in a holistic way, holistic means whole, so I try to look at the whole picture if you are suffering with something. As I have a wide knowledge of treatments, if I think it’s beneficial for you I will combine treatments sometimes. For example massage with reflexology, hot stones with sports massage, cold stones with facial massage, etc.

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